Seven Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator

Seven Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator

1. Experience

The investigative knowledge attained by a private investigator in the course of their first month of employment probably equals or exceeds what most people will learn in a lifetime.  A simple mistake during an investigation can destroy any chance of success in the future.  Remember, if you make a mistake while at­tempting to conduct your own investigation, it may well require even the most ta­lented investigators to spend measurable amounts of additional time to complete an assignment.

2. Aptitude

One of the greatest advantages of using a licensed private investigator is his or her ability to conduct an assignment, surreptitiously. If, for example, you at­tempt to undertake your own surveillance and you are detected, or even suspected, you can pretty much be assured that whatever the object of your investigation was will now change.

3. Professional Peril

Danger is always a consideration.  Ask any seasoned P.I. and they will surely explain that their highest priority is the safety of his or her clients and themselves as well.  Investigators are generally well trained in how to handle them­selves in the remote event that they are detected and even confronted.  Sadly, this happens more often than you might imagine when someone is detected conducting a surveillance or sta­keout.

4. Skill and Talent 

Television does not prepare anyone for real life investigations.  Nothing compares to hands-on experience.  When we hire our doctors, lawyers, ac­countants, mechanics and plumbers, we always seek highly trained and credentialed experts to assist us.

5. Cost

How long the as­signment might take, when will it start, do you work nights and weekends as neces­sary, and how long does a typical case such as my own take to be completed?  These are just a few of the questions that you might have.

6. Courtroom Experience 

In the event that your investigator needs to testify, how well will they present themselves on your behalf?  Who is more be­lievable, the investigator who has never testified, or has only testified a few times, or a seasoned investigator who has testified dozens, or even hundreds of times in both state and federal court as well as mediation/arbitration testimony?

7. The Law

Private investigators are licensed and are vigorously tested in the State of Florida in order to be issued a license. They must be prepared to keep their clients well informed.  All investigators have a responsibility to inform any potential or current client if they appear to be headed in the wrong (and/or illegal) direction.  Legitimate and well versed investigators will advise you how to meet your goals while staying well within the legal guidelines that govern investigative work.

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