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Remote Employee Investigations

REMOTE EMPLOYEE INVESTIGATIONSWhile remote employment has been a longstanding option for many companies, the COVID-19 pandemic substantially increased its implementation. This newfound flexibility has given rise to a surge in Remote Employee investigations, accompanied by a rise in instances of potential misuse of the system by employees. The transition to this evolving work paradigm can sometimes result in occasional errors, often attributed to the learning curve associated with remote work. However, there are cases where employees intentionally exploit the remote work environment for personal gain. Irrespective of the work arrangement, business challenges and issues remain inevitable. When a business detects or suspects misconduct, the appropriate course of action should be determined by the nature and severity of the issue. It is crucial to evaluate whether the situation necessitates external intervention, such as engaging a private investigator, or if it can be effectively resolved through internal protocols.

Reasons to Consider Hiring a Private Investigator
  • Impartiality: Private investigators are impartial professionals focused solely on gathering data and information relevant to the investigation.
  • Fairness: Trained in conducting fair investigations, private investigators ensure an unbiased approach to uncovering the truth.
  • Dedicated Time: Private investigators dedicate their time to the investigation, allowing you to focus on your business operations without distraction.
  • Digital Expertise: Given the digital nature of remote work, private investigators possess the necessary resources and expertise to handle cases effectively in this context.
  • Computer Forensics: Private investigators are skilled in various types of computer forensics, facilitating the acquisition of essential information.
  • Confidentiality: Maintaining confidentiality and discretion is a hallmark of private investigators’ work, ensuring the utmost privacy for sensitive matters.
  • Witness and Evidence Identification: Private investigators can identify relevant witnesses and evidence crucial to the case’s resolution.
  • Private Interviews: Conducting private and confidential interviews, private investigators ensure a safe and secure environment for information gathering.
  • Data Preservation and Collection: Private investigators can collect data, even from devices and programs requiring external authorization or remote supervision.
  • Thorough Data Review: With the time and resources to dedicate to the job, private investigators can perform comprehensive data reviews, guaranteeing confidentiality and discretion, especially for sensitive information like trade secrets.
  • Surveillance: Private investigators can employ surveillance techniques to verify the activities of employees suspected of absenteeism or improper work conduct.
Challenges and Solutions in Remote Investigations

The ongoing pandemic has transformed many remote or flexible jobs into long-term arrangements, introducing a set of unique challenges for employers and investigators alike. Adjustments to investigation processes are necessary, given that data sources in remote work differ from traditional in-house settings. Remote investigations offer potential cost savings for employers but can pose significant challenges when conducting thorough inquiries. Nathans Investigations’ private investigators are well-equipped to expedite this process and leverage their resources to provide clients with the necessary information following a comprehensive investigation.

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Our agency employs specialized teams consisting of highly skilled professionals who bring valuable expertise from military, law enforcement, and risk management backgrounds. With our extensive knowledge, training, and practical experience in private investigations, we are dedicated to delivering prompt and efficient results to our clients. Working closely with you, we will identify the most appropriate services for your specific case. Our team is equipped with a wide array of unique and innovative solutions to tackle even the most challenging circumstances our clients may face.


Our rates for private investigations are designed to align with the complexity and duration of each individual case. Unlike many other agencies, we have developed a distinct system that offers our clients a pre-established price for the entire investigation. This means you won’t encounter any unexpected fees, retainers, fuel costs, tolls, or hidden charges. Our aim is to provide a cost-effective solution for even the most challenging investigations. Additionally, we do not employ any form of “rounding up” in our rates to account for unforeseen expenses. Instead, the price of an inquiry will be determined based on your specific requirements, ensuring a tailored and transparent approach.


To initiate an investigation, the first step is to engage in either a phone call or an email conversation with one of our licensed private investigators and private detectives. During this initial interaction, we will ask you a series of questions in order to assess the optimal course of action for your case. Based on the information gathered, our team will meticulously construct an investigative plan that meets your satisfaction and aligns with the unique needs of your situation. Throughout the investigation process, you will be kept informed of any relevant updates or modifications. Upon the conclusion of the investigation, we will provide you with a comprehensive written report, accompanied by any pertinent photos or video evidence that was collected during the investigation.