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” Eric was so kind and patient with me through this rough time in my life. I was very intimidated to hire a private investigator and went through 4 other quotes, spoke to a few other P.I’s before seeing Nathans Investigations. What I enjoyed about speaking with Eric was the fact that he is very down to earth, he is not intimidating and he doesn’t try to “sell” to you. 

He began with asking me what I wanted to accomplish. I told him the whole story and thought I would be spending my savings on this investigation. Eric gave me a few options, discussed them with me and let me decide which one worked for me best. He actually directed me towards the investigation that costs the least!? Who does that these days??. I spent a good amount of time on the phone with him and I never once felt rushed. He has a tremendous amount of patience. I’m not sure I would be able to sit on the phone with someone like myself for that amount of time. I didn’t feel like I was talking to some weird guy about my personal issue.

I felt like I was speaking with a friend who had my best interest in mind. If I were you, I would at the very least call him so you can see what I am talking about. The phone call is free. Thank you again Eric and Nathans Investigations. I hope I don’t ever need to hire another private investigator but if I do, I already know where to turn. “

Amanda N


” When I first contacted Thumbtack I was a little scared not knowing what to expect but I jumped in and was surprised about the responses I received right away, What I liked about Nathans Investigation, he was very polite and put my fears to rest, he explained how the program worked and what the cost was for each item. What i also liked was he didn’t push an item on me that I didn’t want or need. Overall, I got really excellent service from Nathans Investigation. I will use this business again. “

Marissa H


” Private investigation services for litigated family law case. Nathan found the information that I needed within 2 hours of my submitting the information to him. He was great, and I recommend him highly. “

Deborah S


” Very professional, yet friendly Had the requested information within 3 hours. Would highly recommend. “

Carol J


” I received the kindest, most professional help from the owner Eric. He was willing to direct me elsewhere because it benefited my specific situation, even though he could have just charged me to do work regardless of my needs. He was more interested in helping me find the right fit and solution for my situation. He was extremely knowledgeable and full of the most useful suggestions and had such an extraordinary approach that kept non-conflict resolution at the forefront, which is a great way for someone to approach helping.

He is one of the most respectful and professional people I’ve spoken to in the private investigation profession. This company really is out to help you reach your goals, even if they can’t be the ones to do it for you. Best experience with a service based business I’ve ever had. Thank you! “

Sheri S


” If you are looking for a Private Investigator who is genuine, always real, and will go way beyond his way to help you, then you are in the right place. Due to the seriousness of my case, I wanted to find the best person that can help me and advise me properly. After the initial consultation with the owner Eric, I was confident that he is the person I want in my corner. He has a tremendous experience which he used to help me in all aspects of my case.

He was able to dig up information that helped me get the Justice I deserve. Throughout the whole experience, Eric became more that just a Private Investigator, he is now a friend that has gained my trust and respect for a lifetime. Keep up the good work! “

Kerri G


” I contacted Nathans Investigations after another investigator failed to deliver – costing me time and money. Nathans Investigations proved to be both efficient & professional. Highly recommend. You won’t be disappointed. “

Tara H


” He was great about taking my calls returning my calls and emailing me back and forth. i would refer him any day. thank you so much for your help and services i look forward to talking to you soon about the final report please contact at any hour thank you. ”

Caroline A


” Excellent!! Responsive, quick and thorough! Very pleased. ”

Colin W


” I was surprised and overwhelmed at the sheer volume and accuracy of all the details. He had my results within 24 hrs. I had been looking for 10 years, and had only a small fraction of the data he pulled for me. TOTALLY SATISFIED!!! ” 

Robert A


” I can’t even begin to tell you how thankful I am that my friend suggested you. And that you found my daughter. It has been a long hard search. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart! “

Lavona G


” I hired Nathans Investigations, and was very impressed with the professional and intelligent way Eric handled the circumstances involving my situation . Eric provided an extensive amount of pertinent and very helpful information needed for my case and he also followed through with advice and resources so very vital in helping to reach an answer to a long and ongoing situation. I will be using his help again in the near future. He is a good person and is very good at what he does.”

Audree O


” Eric Nathan is BEYOND GREAT!!! Quick and affordable and insanely talented!! If money is a tight fit and still need service. Then this guy is for you!!!! I’m going to use him for another couple things!!! OUTSTANDING! “

Sam C


” Having never used a service like this before I didn’t know what to expect, but everything was made very clear and I’d certainly recommend their services. I was surprised how easy going the gentlemen was that I spoke with. I believe he said he was the owner. I went into this thinking that I would be taken advantage of because I am a girl that doesn’t know anything about this. I was explained what I could do and to my surprise it was affordable. I called my girlfriends that were curious to know about their husbands & boyfriends as well. I wont date anyone again without calling this company first and making sure it’s safe.”

Katie C


” Nathans Investigations gave me great service from beginning to end. Very knowledgeable in my need to get current address and background info on remodeling contractor that walked off the job. Thank you for your service.”

Terri C


” Eric the owner is up front about pricing, there are no hidden fees. He is honest about information that he can or cannot get. I was amazed at how quickly he gave me the information I needed. I spoke with him on the phone and 10 minutes later I had the report emailed to me. Very affordable! Will be calling him again for my business. Thank you again! “

William T


” We use this firm to VET our executives and employees because you can never be too safe. This is not the first time we have used his services and it will not be the last. Honest, fairly priced & always there when we need him. We will continue using his services and will remain recommending him to every business looking for a private investigator. Thanks again Eric! “

Sandra G


” I highly recommend Eric Nathan to do any private investigating! He is super friendly, focused and he truly cares about your needs. Within one hour he found my biological grandfather’s address and information which led me to find my biological father! I’m so grateful for his help! Definitely higher this professional! “

Paige A