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Pre-Employment Screenings

Pre-employment ScreeningsAs an employer, you may deal with sensitive information or require trustworthy employees. While basic background checks may suit many employers, what if you need a more comprehensive assessment? In today’s business landscape, the importance of hiring a private investigator or private detective for Pre-Employment Screenings to screen potential employees thoroughly cannot be overstated. Although you can carry out standard background checks and examine references, these checks are not foolproof. Prospective employees may provide false information, such as fabricated academic qualifications, fictitious references, or even enlist family members or acquaintances to impersonate former employers.

According to the Department of Commerce, 30% of employees steal from their employers. This statistic underscores the importance of scrutinizing candidates with potentially troubled work histories or indications of a criminal background. Failing to do so can lead to substantial financial losses, theft of trade secrets, legal ramifications including harassment and medical lawsuits, as well as potential involvement in money laundering. Consequently, it has become more critical than ever for businesses to conduct thorough pre-employment screenings on all prospective employees through the services of private investigators.

What Can a Private Investigator Do?

Private investigators have the capacity to conduct comprehensive background screenings and investigations on prospective employees. For instance, they can delve into an individual’s financial history, identifying any instances of bankruptcy that might be pertinent to a candidate applying for a financial role. Similarly, if you’re considering hiring a driver for a moving company, investigators can ascertain if the candidate has a history of DUIs or other relevant issues. Furthermore, investigators are adept at uncovering an individual’s assets, providing valuable insights into their financial stability, which can be pivotal when seeking potential investors.

Moreover, private investigators are proficient in examining an individual’s social media presence and discovering any undisclosed business interests, ensuring that your potential employee aligns with your company’s values and goals. Leveraging their expertise and resources, investigators can also scrutinize the criminal and civil case histories of potential employees, shedding light on any past lawsuits against former employers, particularly if such actions were motivated by financial gain.

Benefits of Pre-Employment Screenings Investigations
  • Enhance Workplace Safety: This benefit relates to the practice of pre-employment screening investigations, which are conducted to ensure the safety of the workplace environment. By identifying potential risks or issues with prospective employees, businesses can proactively address concerns related to workplace violence and minimize disruptions while mitigating legal liabilities.
  • Identify High-Quality Employees: Pre-employment screening investigations extend beyond simple criminal background checks. They encompass a thorough evaluation of a candidate’s qualifications, employment history, and the accuracy of information presented on their resume. This process aids in identifying and selecting candidates who meet the highest standards for employment.
  • Reduce Employee Turnover: High employee turnover can be costly and disruptive for businesses. By conducting comprehensive pre-employment screenings, employers gain valuable insights into a candidate’s past employment behavior, including factors such as violence history or dishonesty on their resume. This information assists in making informed hiring decisions that can lead to lower turnover rates.
  • Ensure Legal Compliance: Depending on the industry and location, background checks may be a legal requirement for certain positions. Engaging private investigators for pre-employment screening investigations ensures that businesses adhere to all legal obligations and industry standards. This proactive approach helps companies maintain compliance with relevant laws and regulations governing the hiring process.

Making the wrong hires can have detrimental effects on your business. Thankfully, enlisting the services of a private investigator can substantially mitigate the risks associated with hiring the wrong individuals. A pre-employment screening conducted by a private investigator not only offers cost savings but also helps prevent potential issues that could arise in the future.

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