Online dating is one of the most popular ways to meet new people today. There are so many dating websites, dating apps, and let’s not forget, social media sites. These platforms allow us to connect with interesting people, who could live virtually anywhere. Taking the proper precautions before starting a new relationship with anyone, especially an online relationship, is essential. Being slightly guarded is the best way to go about your new relationship before fully investing yourself and your finances. There are countless horror stories about online dating scams and catfishing. These scams include fake online profiles tricking innocent people, making them fall in love with the scammers, then swindling their hard-earned money from them. This leaves the innocent person, who was looking for love, a victim of an internet dating scheme. Additionally, the victim is left broken of their heart and wallet. Here are some basic tools to avoid being scammed while online dating:

First and foremost, find out if your new love interest is who they say they are. An easy rule to go by is if they will not video chat with you, they are not the person in their photos online. Video chatting allows you to compare their face and their voice to pictures and possibly previous phone conversations. This is the easiest way to find out if they are indeed the same person.

Secondly, if you still are not sure because their excuses to not video chat are convincing, the next step would be doing a quick Google image search of the pictures on their profile. You just drag the photo into Google image search and Google will find if that image is used anywhere else online. This will help you verify if there are other accounts with the same photos, possibly the actual person in the pictures. This allows you to check to make sure that the pictures on their profile are authentic. If the photos are fake, the individual is most likely a scammer.

Thirdly, while video chatting and Google image searches are great verifications of your new love interest. It is also a good idea to search their phone number. Searching a phone number is just as easy as searching for an image. You just type the phone number in the Google search bar and see what comes up. If the number comes back registered to a completely different person or in a different location then where they say they are, something could be wrong. This could be another clue to conclude if they are a scammer.

Fourthly, a huge red flag is if they begin asking you for money. When online dating, odds are the person you are speaking to does not live in your area, making it hard to meet them. If you have not met with the individual and you are not one hundred percent sure that they are who they say they are, do not give them your money. Scammers probably will not meet with you but they will take all your money if you allow them too. Do your due diligence and take the basic steps to verify if they are real or not!

Lastly, if you still have reservations about the individual you have been chatting with and want more information, hire a licensed private investigator to conduct an internet dating investigation. They have the tools to reveal their true identify and motives behind your relationship. They can also conduct comprehensive background checks on the individual and uncover any fraudulent activities. A private investigator will help you be at ease knowing the truth will be uncovered.

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