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Surveillance Investigations

Surveillance Investigations

Surveillance investigations are an integral part of a private investigator’s daily routine. They are employed in a wide range of cases, spanning from locating missing persons and uncovering insurance fraud to establishing a parent’s suitability for child custody or visitation rights and confirming marital infidelity. Surveillance serves as the primary method for obtaining real-time evidence. In essence, surveillance investigations involve the systematic observation of individuals, locations, or objects to collect pertinent information that can be used to construct a compelling case. Private investigators utilize surveillance as a discreet means of monitoring individuals or places to investigate allegations of unlawful conduct.

Private investigators employ various surveillance techniques, encompassing physical observation and, where legally permissible, electronic monitoring of conversations. Surveillance affords investigators the opportunity to discreetly monitor the actions, movements, and information related to a subject or suspected wrongdoer. Private investigators initiate surveillance as part of their investigative process for a multitude of purposes, including infidelity inquiries, child custody investigations, undercover operations, and insurance claim examinations.

Types of Surveillance
  • Physical Surveillance: This method involves private investigators physically observing and monitoring subjects or locations, often from a concealed vantage point. It is commonly used in cases like infidelity investigations and tracking a subject’s activities.
  • Electronic Surveillance: Electronic surveillance entails the use of technological devices such as hidden cameras, GPS trackers, and audio recording equipment to monitor and record activities, conversations, or movements of a subject or location.
  • Covert Surveillance: Covert surveillance refers to discreet and concealed observation, where the subject is unaware that they are being watched. Private investigators employ covert techniques to gather evidence surreptitiously.
  • Overt Surveillance: In overt surveillance, investigators openly observe and monitor subjects without attempting to conceal their presence. This form of surveillance may be used when the subject’s awareness is not a concern.
  • Mobile Surveillance: Mobile surveillance involves following a subject as they move from one location to another. Private investigators use this technique in cases requiring tracking and documenting a person’s activities outside of a fixed area.
  • Stationary Surveillance: Stationary surveillance entails monitoring a specific location, such as a residence or workplace, rather than following a subject. It is often used to collect information about activities at a fixed site.
  • Vehicle Surveillance: In vehicle surveillance, private investigators follow a subject while driving. This method is common in cases involving tracking individuals or monitoring their movements on the road.
  • Digital Surveillance: Digital surveillance involves monitoring a subject’s online activities, communication, and digital footprints. Private investigators use this method to gather evidence from digital sources like social media and emails.
  • Counter-Surveillance: Counter-surveillance is employed to detect and counteract surveillance efforts directed at the private investigator. It helps maintain the investigator’s anonymity and safety during sensitive operations.
  • Undercover Surveillance: Undercover surveillance involves private investigators assuming false identities or roles to infiltrate a group or organization and gather information. This technique is often used in undercover investigations.
The Purpose of Surveillance in Private Investigations

Private investigators engage in surveillance investigations for various purposes, including infidelity inquiries, child custody cases, domestic matters, counterfeit investigations, undercover operations, crime prevention, evidence collection for legal proceedings, documentation of wrongful actions in civil litigation, location verification, and intelligence gathering for case building.

Conducting surveillance investigations is a demanding and intricate task that requires specific qualities and discipline. Successful surveillance investigators possess exceptional communication skills, quick decision-making abilities, a strong memory, adeptness at blending into diverse environments, and keen attention to detail. They must also embody traits like honesty, patience, observation, resourcefulness, adaptability, and unwavering focus. Surveillance often involves extended periods of sitting and vigilant observation, even in uncomfortable conditions like sweltering summer days without air conditioning. Additionally, proficient surveillance investigators comprehensively understand the legal framework that could impact their investigations.

why hire us?

Our agency employs specialized teams consisting of highly skilled professionals who bring valuable expertise from military, law enforcement, and risk management backgrounds. With our extensive knowledge, training, and practical experience in private investigations, we are dedicated to delivering prompt and efficient results to our clients. Working closely with you, we will identify the most appropriate services for your specific case. Our team is equipped with a wide array of unique and innovative solutions to tackle even the most challenging circumstances our clients may face.

what is the cost?

Our rates for private investigations are designed to align with the complexity and duration of each individual case. Unlike many other agencies, we have developed a distinct system that offers our clients a pre-established price for the entire investigation. This means you won’t encounter any unexpected fees, retainers, fuel costs, tolls, or hidden charges. Our aim is to provide a cost-effective solution for even the most challenging investigations. Additionally, we do not employ any form of “rounding up” in our rates to account for unforeseen expenses. Instead, the price of an inquiry will be determined based on your specific requirements, ensuring a tailored and transparent approach.

How does it work?

To initiate an investigation, the first step is to engage in either a phone call or an email conversation with one of our licensed private investigators and private detectives. During this initial interaction, we will ask you a series of questions in order to assess the optimal course of action for your case. Based on the information gathered, our team will meticulously construct an investigative plan that meets your satisfaction and aligns with the unique needs of your situation. Throughout the investigation process, you will be kept informed of any relevant updates or modifications. Upon the conclusion of the investigation, we will provide you with a comprehensive written report, accompanied by any pertinent photos or video evidence that was collected during the investigation.

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Surveillance Investigations

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