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Mystery& Secret Shopper Investigations

Mystery & Secret Shopper Investigations

Nathans Investigations goal is to provide your company with the information it needs to create unforgettable customer experiences and get the very best out of employees. Our methods not only accomplish these goals empirically and scientifically; but discreetly, while reducing risk and encouraging an ethical, responsible corporate culture. All Mystery & Secret Shopper Investigations initiated by Nathans Investigations are executed by the best Private Investigators the industry has to offer.

Our Mystery Shopper services include:
– On-site mystery shopping
– Security and Loss-Prevention Auditing
– Telephonic evaluations
– Customer and Employee survey programs
– Strategic Advisory Services
– Market Research and Investigation Services

Companies that display consistent growth do not do so because they always hire better employees or offer lower prices; they excel because they build rapport with their customers and clientele- creating exceptional customer interactions on a consistent, measurable basis. Secret Shopper and Mystery Shopping programs have been proven to yield results that can reliably predict customer satisfaction and can produce changes that will promote a higher rate of consumer turnover alongside future sales.

One significant difference in Nathans Investigations Secret Shopper and Mystery Shop programs is that we employ only the most qualified Miami Private Investigators. Nathans Investigations field auditors, mystery shoppers, and undercover agents have unparalleled attention to detail and perform every assignment with accountability and dependable service.

Many companies sub-contract the secret shopping process to businesses and gig-based apps that offer mystery shopper support services. Nathans investigations hold a firm belief that our dedicated staff of in-house investigators, managers, and schedulers provide a personalized touch. We do not subcontract our operations, and we speak one-on-one with our shoppers every day. These practices ensure that shoppers fully understand your companies specific goals to produce actionable intelligence better.


Utilizing the structure of Nathans Investigations specialized surveys, our agency embraces a detailed and unconventional approach to collecting actionable intelligence for our clients. Many of our competitors use generic, subjective categories and questionnaires to elicit the data provided by their mystery shoppers. We pride ourselves on the use of precise methods to target specific attributes which are psychologically proven to associate your brand with sentiment and emotional triggers positively. These results translate to happier customers, increased rates of sale, and overall beneficial market performance.


Our methods of data collection and analysis provide results that can be used to improve performance at every juncture. With that in mind, the Nathans Investigations Secret Shopper program is designed to ensure that our reports are useful on an operational level. We use specialized case-management software to create a cohesive reporting system that allows our clients to understand the feedback we provide on all levels within the organization. These reviews of our field reports, operational summaries, analytics, and advisory guarantee our final reports can be used to improve employee and company performance as well as specific training recommendations.

Your customer experience is how people perceive your brand. Nathans Investigations is committed to giving you a deeper level of insight to every possible customer point of contact. We are passionate about helping our clients succeed, and want to ensure that our reports are backed up by data and personalized customer feedback. Our experience shows a commitment to data integrity, allowing you to more clearly understand our research and guide the growth of your brand.

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