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Cyber Forensics & Cyber Security Investigations

Cyber InvestigationsCyber Forensics and Cyber Security Investigations: When it comes to technology, handling data and analyzing it takes a certain finesse and expertise. It also takes someone with the proper credentials. Data is information, and because of this, it takes more than collecting it, but also studying this data to see what is useful in an investigation. At Nathans Investigations, President Eric Nathan carries certification as a Social Media Analyst, Social Media Expert, & a Certified Intelligence Gathering Expert.

Cyber Forensics

He is also a Certified International Investigator. As a digital forensics expert, he has the proper training, credentials, and background to execute any data mining or cyber investigation appropriately needed. As a licensed private investigator, Nathan holds a diverse technological experience along with the legal expertise to navigate the cyber world to manage every facet of forensic data recovery.

This can include but isn’t limited to:
• Identification
• Acquisition
• Preservation
• Analysis
• Documentation
• Hidden files
• Deleted data
• Overwritten file remnants
• Temporary internet files
• Existing and deleted emails

These services are for all electronically stored data. Nathans Investigations is efficient and accurate in their cyber forensics and cybersecurity investigations. Nothing will be altered or compromised during the investigation.

Cyber Security

On top of forensic investigations, cybersecurity is one of the vital services offered when it comes to you or your business safety and financial security. The right private investigator can reduce the amount of damage that has been done to your network and even investigate who was to blame for any breach on your network. Whether it is your network or a business, Nathans Investigations understands that your information is highly sensitive and will work on a fast and thorough investigation to give you the resolution you need to move forward.

Early detection with a swift and efficient private investigator is essential to neutralize threats. That is why we must use only the cutting-edge tools investigative and analysis tools available. These are critical to fending off an attack on your network and adequately responding to threats of this nature. Our cyber forensic and cybersecurity solutions will give you infrastructure-wide visibility, attack context, expertise, intelligence gathering, and numerous other insights for your network of information.

Are you worried about getting hacked?

As cyber forensics and cybersecurity private investigation agencies, we receive inquiries from many individuals, corporations, and professionals who have had their computers, cyber defenses, and networks hacked. At Nathans Investigations, we understand these attack methods and to asses the problem. A proper private investigator is not only needed to prevent or reduce business and life disruption but also to understand the data loss or access level that was achieved by the hacker.

Cyber incidents that were once a rarity are now more common these days more than ever. Your life or business can be significantly affected by someone who is looking to attack you or your business through your network and secure data. This can lead to a disruption in life and business, public-relations nightmares, exposures, and even a loss of finances. At Nathans Investigations, we have the expertise and knowledge to investigate and respond to any cybersecurity needs.

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