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Criminal Investigations

Criminal Investigations

At Nathans Investigations, our private investigators approach criminal investigations with the utmost seriousness and dedication. Our primary objective is to seek, collect, and compile all necessary evidence pertaining to any criminal activity. To initiate our investigation, our committed private investigators meticulously search for clues and evidence to ascertain whether a crime has occurred. If wrongdoing is established, our team proceeds to delve into the backgrounds of all potential suspects, aiming to identify the perpetrator or individuals with pertinent information related to the crime.

Our private investigators at Nathans Investigations boast extensive experience gained from military and law enforcement backgrounds. The evidence gathered during our investigations is meticulously documented and presented in court, contributing significantly to informed decisions regarding penalties and legal actions. Our proficiency spans various criminal investigation categories, including but not limited to fraud investigations, crime scene investigations, sexual crime investigations, theft investigations, kidnapping investigations, assault investigations, homicide investigations, criminal defense investigations, and more.

Nathans Investigations is wholeheartedly committed to assisting you in uncovering the truth surrounding any criminal activity. If you believe that law enforcement investigations have yielded insufficient results, enlisting a private investigator who can gather comprehensive evidence for presentation in a court of law is imperative. Our private investigators conduct interviews with witnesses and suspects to gain a deeper understanding of the crime and uncover any information or evidence that may have eluded law enforcement during their initial inquiry. Additionally, we employ surveillance tactics and conduct thorough records searches to gather any additional evidence that can aid in legal proceedings.

At Nathans Investigations, our private investigators are not confined by jurisdictional limitations, in contrast to law enforcement officials. We possess the flexibility and determination to venture wherever necessary to uncover the truth and compile the essential evidence required for trial. Our operations are conducted scrupulously within the bounds of the law as we diligently gather all available evidence to support your case. Our dedication and persistence often surpass that of law enforcement, whose resources are spread thin due to their extensive caseloads, thereby enhancing the quality of results we deliver.

If you find yourself in need of a committed team to assist you with your criminal investigation, our private investigators stand ready to provide you with the evidence and peace of mind you rightfully deserve.

Nathans Investigations’ private investigators undergo rigorous training and have access to an array of tools, including extensive networks of investigators, state-of-the-art surveillance equipment, and comprehensive national databases. Their wealth of experience equips them to comprehend the specific evidence you require and employ the most effective investigative practices. Furthermore, all our private investigators strictly adhere to the laws and regulations governing investigations, ensuring that the information they obtain is legally obtained and can be utilized effectively in your court proceedings.

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