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Private Investigation Services

Private Investigation rates vary depending on the experience of the Private Investigator and the location in which the case is being worked. Prices generally reflect the cost and time required to operate the case. Fees may vary depending on the source of information and the ordinary expenses for an investigation agency to work the case — for example, driving records, background checks, tolls, parking, miles are driven, etc. Prices for information can vary depending on the type of information as well as logistics. Quotes from a Private Investigator are typically a combination of fees, costs, rates, and prices and will typically include all ordinary expenses as well as a 5-10% rounding up for unanticipated costs.

Nathans Investigations has developed a system that provides our clients with a predetermined price for the entire investigation. There is no combination of fees, hidden costs, or a 5-10% rounding up rate for unanticipated expenses. During the initial free consultation, the price for an investigation will be determined based on the needs of the specific investigation and the needs of our clients. There are no hidden fees or charges that our clients will become aware of halfway through an investigation or at the end of an inquiry. Please find below a list of investigation services we provide:

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