Miami Detective

Miami Detective

Nathans Investigations has provided private investigations of the highest quality to people just like you as well as attorneys and the business community. Confidentiality and professionalism are our top priority and are guaranteed. We provide expert and discreet investigations customized to meet your specific needs. Our private detectives are licensed and insured.

There are many reasons to hire Private Investigation Services by Nathans Investigations. One of the biggest reasons is that your money buys you and others a peace of mind. Another reason is trust. You want to build a relationship with a firm you can trust. As our client, you can rely on our well trained investigators to get results efficiently and for a fair price. All field work investigations in the State of Florida will be conducted by one of our state-certified licensed agents and detectives. Our investigators are prepared to handle whatever you need. Whether you are and attorney or private citizen and in need of professional trial preparation, witness and defendant locates, surveillance, undercover investigations, infidelity investigations, GPS tracking, de-bugging or a business in need of an asset investigation to find hidden property, vehicles, bank accounts, safety deposit boxes, or any hidden asset, a background check, locate a person, or other private matter, we are the private investigation agency for you.

We are a full service private firm offering private investigation and detective services to cover photo and video documented surveillance, interviews, sworn statements, infidelity, custody issues, cohabitation, and much more. Hiring the best private detective agency will ensure you receive the best in services.

Services for Personal Investigations include:


The breakdown of a marriage is very personal and traumatic. We have conducted countless divorce investigations. Documentation of infidelity provides leverage and bargaining power. Our professional matrimonial investigators work with you to obtain the evidence you need. We will find you answers to your most pressing questions. Is your spouse cheating? Where does my spouse go when they are absent from home? Who do they spend their time with? Why won’t my spouse provide a number where they can be reached instead of insisting that I call their cell phone? Why are my calls going to their voicemail every time I call? Could it be my imagination? Am I crazy?

Are they listening to my telephone conversations? Is my home or car bugged? If these are questions that are keeping you awake at night then get answers to these and any other questions that are troubling you.

Surveillance is the number one tool to address marital infidelity. We place your spouse or significant other under surveillance for the amount of time you specify and give you a documented written report as to where they were, with whom, and what they were doing. We provide video and photos for evidence. Inappropriate behavior needs to be documented now rather than later. We can initiate an investigation to obtain the proof you need immediately. The process is simple and private. All communication is private and discrete. We can also locate any hidden assets, both within the US and outside of the country. Many times a spouse will conceal money and assets anticipating a divorce. We can find property, cars, boats, planes, bank accounts, safety deposit boxes, and brokerage accounts.

Custody Matters

Custody and lifestyle investigations are extremely important. You need to protect your children at all costs. If you fear that your child will be placed in an bad & dangerous environment as a result of a pending custody matter, or even during visitation, you need to provide proof that your fears are real and substantial. We use surveillance to obtain your evidence in custody matters. We will document the lifestyle of the other party to prove your case. Who do they associate with? Are there drinking or drugs involved? Is there adequate supervision? Is the other party spending time with the children as they should when the kids are with them, or are they dropping them with a sitter or grandparent? We can run license plates and identify friends and associates who are around your kids. Do these people have criminal records? This tool is valuable to you and your attorney. We provide the evidence you need to fight for your kids.


Most divorce decrees and separation agreements allow for the termination or reduction of alimony or spousal support if the former spouse is residing with another person of the opposite sex. Many spouses will live with a lover while separated and still married to you. We have proven hundreds of these cases and saved our clients a ton of money. We will prove that your spouse is being dishonest and acting in bad faith by living with an undisclosed lover.

Locating people

We find people every day for attorneys, businesses, and private citizens. We have state-of-the-art resources that are not available to the public. These resources are developed over many years and at considerable cost. The result is that we can find someone that our competitors cannot. If you need to find a lost relative, birth parent or child, adoption, long-lost lover, old friend, someone who owes you money or has your property and has skipped out on you. We can locate them when web searches and others have failed. We have found that our clients biggest concern is  they have to pay an investigator or detective a large retainer fee. They are worried that if the investigator is unsuccessful they will end up paying a huge fee, with nothing to show for it. As a result, people turn to websites that promise information but produce nothing more than outdated information and worthless old addresses. Many times, people end up paying more for these outdated websites than they would if they had retained a professional investigator or detective to do the job for them correctly in the first place. We have solved this dilemma for you as well.  We will locate your subject for a very reasonable fixed fee. Don’t waste your time and hard earned money trying to be your own detective.

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