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Loan Investigations

Private Investigation FloridaAt some point or another, you may need a loan. Many can go to a bank or their credit union and apply, and those with a sufficiently high enough credit score will get the loan approved. For others, even though they have the job security and collateral to get the loan, their credit score or there need isn’t enough for approval. 

Nowadays, banks and credit unions are even more particular about how and why they approve loans. This can go for personal loans or even small business loans. This can prove challenging for many who may need this extra money for their start-up or also purchase a car. There are many other lenders outside the traditional banks and credit unions. Unfortunately, many aren’t trustworthy, and you may find yourself in debt with a super high-interest loan, dealing with an aggressive loan shark, or finding yourself the victim of a scam.

How to Know if a Financial Institution is Legitimate?

This can be difficult as many money lenders come off as strictly professional and even courteous. While you may need the money, you also don’t want to get scammed. Here is a way to check if a lender is legit. Keep in mind that some are better at hiding their scams than others and want your personal information.

  1. Check if the lender has an online presence. Do an internet search if you’ve never heard of them before. Check for reviews or anything else that might tip you off that they are a scammer.
  2. Try the Better Business Bureau for information. An online presence doesn’t mean the money lender isn’t predatory.
  3. Trust your gut. If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.
  4. Check with a private investigator to do a background check on the lender. They’ll be able to check if there are any records with the attorney general’s office and will also look at other state agencies for information.
How Can a Private Investigator Help?

Even if you didn’t apply for a loan, you might find that your information was stolen due to spyware on your computer. A scammer could’ve applied for a loan with your information. There is also the possibility that you may have already fallen for a predatory loan service or scam even after you did your due diligence. This is no judgment on scammers, and loan sharks are good at what they do. They know how to manipulate people.

A private investigator can help. They use computer forensic examination and other forms of digital forensics to track the potential spyware and possibly let you know where your information went to. They will be able to gather the appropriate data you need to help you push a civil or legal case against the lender or scammer. A private investigator will help remove spyware programs from your devices that will help you stay protected and eliminate any other potential threats.

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Our agency employs specialized units of military, law enforcement, and risk management veterans who are highly educated, trained, and experienced in private investigations. Our priority is to present our clients with the information they deserve & seek in an expedited fashion. We work alongside you to determine which of our services is most appropriate for your case & are equipped to offer various, unique & innovative solutions for our client’s most challenging circumstances.


Private Investigation rates generally reflect the cost and time required to work an individual case. We have built a unique system that provides our clients with a predetermined price for the entire investigation. With neither surprise fees, retainers, fuel costs, or tolls; nor any hidden costs, we aim to provide a cost-effective solution to our client’s most demanding investigations. We do not use any form of “rounding up” in our rates for unanticipated expenses, as the price for an inquiry will be determined based on your specific needs, not a set agency price.


The initial step in scheduling an investigation would be either a phone call or an email conversation with one of our licensed private investigators & private detectives. We will ask you questions to determine what the best course of action is. From there, our team will custom build an investigative plan to your satisfaction and tailored to the specific requirements of your case. During the investigation, you may be updated on any changes. Upon completion of the investigation, clients receive a written, detailed report along with any photos or video documentation captured during the investigation.