Is your Spouse Cheating on you?

Is your Spouse Cheating on you?

Is Your Spouse Changing Their Habits?

Your spouse starts changing their habits suddenly, leaving for work early, coming home late, maybe trading in the family van for a new fashionable car. Could it be a midlife crisis? Sure but if it is, they shouldn’t be secretive about their behavior.

Does Your Spouse Have Unexplained Items?

Does your spouse have new clothes or new jewelry they would normally not purchase? Do they keep odd items in their car? Maybe blankets or cologne? How about hotel keys, ticket stubs or restaurant receipts?

Is Your Spouse Spending More Money Than Usual?

Another red flag can be excessive spending. Suspicious credit card charges, larger cash withdrawals from the ATM? Or maybe the answer is in the next question….

Does Your spouse Have A Secret Bank Account?

Cheating spouses may think the best way to hide their excessive spending is by taking control of the family’s finances. Or, they may take out new credit cards or set up an account in their name only.

Does Your Spouse Have Hidden Bills Or Letters?

If your significant other begins hiding letters, stashing away bills or even having mail forwarded to an unknown address. In many cases people who hire private investigators are often shocked to learn that their cheating spouse had a secret mailbox.

Do You See Signs Of Strange Communication?

The phone rings at night when it never did. Or maybe your significant other receives text messages or emails that are written in a coded language. Odd communication is another red flag.

Signs Of Hiding Conversations On Social Media?

Your spouse may be in another relationship: a separate profile, checking in places that you weren’t invited to or conversations, tags and status updates with a person of interest.

Does Your Spouse Groom Themselves Differently?

The body they were happy with isn’t cutting it anymore. It could be that they want to improve themselves, but it could be that they are working harder for another reason or person.

Does Your Spouse Begin To Take Business Trips?

Business trips are the perfect excuse to get away for the weekend and have limited contact, thus giving attention to an extramarital affair. You’ll know when the business trips don’t line up with their job description anymore.

Does Your Spouse Begin To Pick Fights?

A cheating spouse is always on the defense. Your spouse is constantly picking fights, making hurtful remarks or being unusually defensive. Keep your eyes open, especially if the behavior doesn’t pass.

What do you do if you believe your husband or wife is cheating? Contact a Miami Private Investigator who can investigate and get you the answers you need.

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