Is Your Child Safe At School?

Protection in Uncertain Times

Investigating teenagers is a unique experience for an entire family, although these investigations are becoming more prominent and necessary as the years go by. Nathans Investigations has been providing families peace of mind through discreet investigations of teenagers, verifying drug use, gang activity, shoplifting, sexting, drug sales, dating and many more illegal activities. Some red flags parents should be aware of are:

  • Poor or falling grades in school
  • Frequent mood swings at home
  • Increasing poor attendance at school
  • The smell of alcohol or drugs
  • Coming home past curfew
  • Changing of friends
  • Disappearing for hours at a time
  • Discreet or excessive computer use?
  • Child acting different or strange?
  • Dating and or involved with an older adult?

Having a teen investigation conducted by a Miami Private Investigator when there are red flags being waved to verify and identify what is taking place with your most valued possession, your child, should not be overlooked or ignored. Have you recently asked what is my child doing and with whom? Making a decision to investigate your child is not an easy one, but it is the most important one you will ever make. Now more than ever it can be very dangerous to be a teenager. Young people today have some much more to overcome than in the past. Teenagers need our help, even if they don’t think so. Do not feel guilty about wanting to know what your child is doing when they leave the house, being a responsible and caring parent brings an obligation to your child and yourself to ensure that your daughter or son are safe and well at all times.

Nathans Investigations private investigators are able to discretely initiate surveillance of your child’s activities and report back to you if they are putting themselves at risk or in danger. Teen investigations can save your child’s life. Parents have the right to know and protect their children, insuring that their safety and well-being today will provide a lifetime of happiness. Nathans Investigations private investigators are very sensitive to these issues and will always treat them with the greatest respect that they deserve. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding questions or concerns with your child or teenager.

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