Why Hire a Miami Private Investigator?

Why Hire a Miami Private Investigator?

What do Private Investigators do? How do I know when to hire one? Will they be able to help me? 

These questions and more come up often, when they do, there is a long list of answers. Some people hire Miami Private Investigators so frequently that it would be difficult to imagine completing an investigation, whether it’s personal or professional without one. Others believe Miami Private Investigators are just like an FBI agents or police in that they’re only needed when a catastrophe arises, such as a kidnapping or something tragic. The need for a Miami Private Investigator usually falls somewhere between never and always. Although most of the time you can handle matters on your own, there are times when you can benefit from Miami Private Investigators. So when do you know when to hire a Miami Private Investigator? When is a good time? Well the answer is, when you need to:

  • Obtain information on the whereabouts, identity, or credibility of a person or company.
  • Conduct background checks or searches of potential mistresses, business partners or firms.
  • Have a person followed to see if they are being deceitful.
  • Pre-screen an applicant or business partner.
  • Check the legitimacy of a potential investment.
  • Help research a crime, wrongdoing or threat.
  • Find the cause of fires, property damage or accidents or the persons responsible.
  • Safeguard your business’ premises, property, assets, people or even information
  • Locate lost or stolen property.
  • Verify employees claims. (Workers compensation claims)
  • Investigate or interrogate a witness.
  • Access up-to-date computer databases of public and/or government records.
  • “Debug” your office or home
  • Personal help.
  • Background searches.

Miami Private Investigators perform background checks of individuals, companies, law firms, corporations and private citizens. Miami Private investigators search public records, government records, conduct interviews, verify reference checks and facts. With instant access to public & government records, a Miami Private Investigator can search court filings for details of a divorce, as well as any criminal or civil charges filed over the years. A Miami Private Investigator can also check for state or federal tax liens, judgments, and bankruptcies, notices of default or hidden assets.


If you’re requesting surveillance from a Miami Private investigator, you’re usually ninety-nine percent certain that your partner is being deceitful, but you need proof to confront your partner or to support your claims in court for divorce or child custody. A Miami Private Investigative service will gather evidence that will either confirm or eliminate your suspicions.

Locating People

Miami Private investigators locate people for a variety of reasons: Adoptees, birth parents, relatives, former friends, lovers, spouses, co-workers and employers can benefit from reuniting with a person from their past. Miami Private investigators access databases, interview acquaintances and piece together clues to track down people with whom you’ve lost contact. They can use public records to fill in missing information and uncover a new name, address, telephone number and social security number.

Pre-employment Screening 

Companies need employment background checks on job applicants. A company may need to check applicants driving histories with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Perhaps a corporation is filling a top management position and wants to evaluate the profile of a candidate that goes far beyond what’s on the resume. Interviews with references and other informational searches can provide that. Or parents may decide to hire a nanny. A Miami Private Investigator can check the prospective caregiver’s personal  and criminal history, as well as her references.

Prospective Business Partner  &  Investments 

Before investing your money or time in a new company or other financial deal you should hire a Miami Private Investigator. A company may appear perfectly legitimate, with a fancy office, a pleasant receptionist and a readily available list of previous client referrals. But it could be a sophisticated scam. A Miami Private Investigator can perform background checks to check public records for licensing, small claim judgments, bankruptcies, state and federal tax liens, and other judgments or defaults.

Security Consultations & Risk Management

Some Miami Private Investigators perform Corporate Security Consulting & Risk Management . A business may need to secure premises, property, assets, people or even information. Some companies may need only a nighttime security guard or an alarm system. But others need electronic surveillance, a loss-prevention staff and strict computer security. Experienced Miami Private Investigators can recommend security services and techniques to prevent theft of inventory or to provide for employee safety.

Workers Compensation Claims 

Insurance companies estimate that twenty percent of claims are fraudulent. Even a single fraudulent claim can cost a business tens of thousands of dollars. A Miami Private Investigator can look into employee claims to verify their legitimacy. The company benefits in another way as well: It deters future fraud by warning other employees that the company pursues every claim.

Law Enforcement 

Top echelon Miami Private Investigators are an integral part of our community’s law enforcement. They work closely with police and the court system on the local, state and federal levels. When securing evidence for use in the judicial process, they assist police, the district attorney’s staff and lawyers. They conduct searches and surveillance, serve subpoenas, take statements and testify in court. They can also assist with unsolved crime and cold cases.

Electronic Surveillance Detection

Planting electronic listening devices is illegal and can result in a felony conviction. Still, we receive at least ten calls a month requesting such a service. If it’s illegal, who’s doing it? In small and large companies the competition can be relentless and the pressure to beat the competition can be ruthless. This can lead to one company bugging the boardroom of another, maybe by bribing an employee to place the hidden monitoring device. While no legitimate Miami Private Investigator will wiretap an office, many will offer “bug sweep” services to remove the problem.

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