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Private Investigator Miami

Miami. It’s a beautiful city with famous beaches that offer stunning sunrises and iconic lifeguard stations. Live music fills the air in places like Little Havana with its Latin beat, Little Haiti Cultural Center that is a feast to your ears with its Caribbean/Kreyol sounds. It offers a variety of outdoor adventures, green spaces like the Fairchild Tropical Garden and Miami Beach Botanical Garden, and stunning architecture like Freedom Tower. For art lovers, Miami offers the Art Deco Historic District, and most of all, an abundant source of arts and entertainment to delight and dazzle the senses.

Underneath all this glitz, glamour, and beauty, you’ll find a world of cheating spouses, child custody battles, corporate espionage, runaways, and the need to keep a discrete yet close eye on someone. Finding proof is challenging, and finding the right people to do the job is crucial to your case and needs.

No matter what investigative needs you have, Nathan Investigations is here to help. Each one of our Miami private investigators has extensive experience and training. Our private investigators in Miami are highly qualified in a full-range of private, personal, and even corporate investigations. We use our former military, law enforcement, and risk management experience in each case we take on.

As licensed private investigators and private detectives in the State of Florida, we are dedicated to serving you with experience, loyalty, utmost confidentiality, discretion, and unbridled dedication no matter how private your needs are. We offer uncompromised services and use the latest technology to ensure we provide you with the professional and successful investigations you deserve and expect.

Every one of our consultations is free and confidential. We are compassionate and listen to your every need. As every person’s circumstance is unique, we develop every investigation plan to fit your case so that all the objectives are met in a timely and professional manner. From start to finish, your case will be done by the same investigator and will remain confidential throughout the whole process.

At Nathan Investigations, we offer these services  & more in the Miami Area
  • Missing Persons Investigations
  • Skip Tracing
  • Locate People
  • Marital Infidelity Investigations
  • Cheating Spouses Investigations
  • Spousal Surveillance
  • Video Surveillance
  • Child Custody Investigations
  • Child Neglect Investigations
  • Debugging Services
  • Bug Sweeps
  • GPS Tracking
  • Civil Record Searches
  • Background Searches
  • Nanny Background Searches


No matter your case or services you need, we have the skillset and experience to help you. As a unit of Miami private investigators, we at Nathan Investigations are here to help you when and where you need it. We utilize every aspect of our knowledge and experience in each investigation we take on. Let us help you with your investigative needs today. Contact us for a free, confidential consultation.

Call us today at (855) 828-8280 or for a FREE Consultation.


Our agency employs specialized units of military, law enforcement, and risk management veterans who are highly educated, trained, and experienced in private investigations. Our priority is to present our clients with the information they deserve & seek in an expedited fashion. We work alongside you to determine which of our services is most appropriate for your case & are equipped to offer various, unique & innovative solutions for our client’s most challenging circumstances.


Private Investigation rates generally reflect the cost and time required to work an individual case. We have built a unique system that provides our clients with a predetermined price for the entire investigation. With neither surprise fees, retainers, fuel costs, or tolls; nor any hidden costs, we aim to provide a cost-effective solution to our client’s most demanding investigations. We do not use any form of “rounding up” in our rates for unanticipated expenses, as the price for an inquiry will be determined based on your specific needs, not a set agency price.


The initial step in scheduling an investigation would be either a phone call or an email conversation with one of our licensed private investigators & private detectives. We will ask you questions to determine what the best course of action is. From there, our team will custom build an investigative plan to your satisfaction and tailored to the specific requirements of your case. During the investigation, you may be updated on any changes. Upon completion of the investigation, clients receive a written, detailed report along with any photos or video documentation captured during the investigation.

Private Investigator Miami