Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics


Computer Forensics Services

Through our partners at Discovery Cyber Forensics, LLC we can provide you with evidence and artifacts from all types of computers ranging from Servers to Netbooks, to Apple and Android systems. Computer Forensics Projects are detailed and complete, establishing the chain of custody, imaging and processing, as well as extraction, analysis, and comprehensive reporting on the evidence found and the steps that were taken to find and recover it.

E-Discovery Services

Offering a complete and comprehensive range of services and technologies spanning all phases of E-Discovery with a complete and comprehensive set of approaches and methods to recover, store, and maintain the data you need. Ready and willing to go at all times, responding to an E-Discovery request in 12 hours as they did recently for a seizure raid with US Marshalls.

All while using an approach to strategy that ensures efficiency, cost control, and defensibility, along with a well-tested team with in-depth experience and knowledge of Information Technology, Forensics, Computing, and Networking systems. E-Discovery services also offers a tight chain of custody, quick imaging, and a discovery process that is highly defensible and transparent.

Cell Phones & Tablet Forensics Services

Using the most technologically advanced equipment to provide extraction, decoding, analysis and reporting of mobile data including deleted data and passwords from over 8000 types of mobile devices, including not only cellphones, but handheld GPS units, tablets and other mobile devices.

Cyber Security Services

Using state of the art equipment, methods, and tactics along with tried and true processes, accessing your business environment to establish a baseline of activity, and then using those metrics to monitor for malicious activity alerting your security manager in real-time of any suspicious activity. Allowing your organization to depend less on erecting barriers and more on discovering malicious digital behavior which prevents damage through proactive measures without slowing down your organization or business.

Data Recovery Services

Our philosophy on Data Recovery is that high quality recovery is the single most important aspect of the project or case. When receiving a drive that is damaged or not working, data recovery partners will use industry best practices and the most advanced equipment available to reconstruct a hard drive and recover the data. All hard disk repairs are performed in manufacturer authorized and certified, biometrically secure clean rooms.

Video Forensics and CCTV Services

When providing data recovery services through our partners Discovery Cyber Forensics, LLC, the primary goal at all times is to recover your data. You can rest assured that your data is as important to us as it is to you and we can help you get your legal, business, or personal data recovered and back into your hands all while using one of the few Manufacturer authorized data recovery companies. Certified CCTV design, implementation and extraction experts with a very broad knowledge of many dozens of CCTV technologies, systems and software to help clients address and manage business and legal issues in which CCTV can provide the best advantage. With Video Forensics, it’s always true that video enhancement is only as good as the cameras that the video is recorded by. We are able to push contrast, brightness, polarization, zoom, focus and contrast to the very limits to see what needs to be seen.

Network & PC Maintenance Services

Providing systematic, proactive and immediate technical support for your network, servers and workstations, using our certified engineers and flexible plans. The end result of a maintenance plan is an office or campus that is happy, productive and computer-problem free.

Network & PC Security Services

If your computers and networks are not properly protected, you are at risk of losing everything. Computer and network security is not something you can “set and forget.” To properly protect your business, it is necessary to be vigilant on an ongoing basis. Our network and computer security procedures and monitoring focus on risk assessment and in the planning, implementation and monitoring of complete security solutions. We believe in a proactive approach to protecting your business that addresses all aspects of computer and network security, including: Email and Spam Protection, Online Threats, Firewalls, Active Monitoring and Reporting, Government Compliance, Disaster Recovery, and Cloud Computing Security.

The greatest threat to your business today is Internal hacking. Internal. From the people who know your systems and business inside and out. However, internal security is often given a lower priority and put on the back burner while the perimeter is being fortified. We provide the security your organization needs to thrive, while eliminating insider and outsider threats with a proactive and robust multi-pronged approach.

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