Criminal Investigations

Protection in Uncertain Times

Nathans Investigations private investigators take criminal investigations very seriously. Our private investigators seek, collect and gather all the necessary evidence of any crime that has been committed. Our dedicated private investigators will first search for clues and evidence to determine whether a crime has taken place. If we determine that a crime has been committed, our private investigators will look into the background of any and all suspects to determine who has committed the crime or whom may have any information related to the crime that has been committed.

Nathans Investigations has dedicated private investigators with years of military and law enforcement experience. All evidence that has been gathered by our private investigators will be presented to a court which will help when a decision is made in regards to punishment. Nathans Investigations private investigators have experience in many criminal investigations which include: Fraud Investigations, Crime Scene Investigations, Sexual Crime Investigations, Theft Investigations, Kidnapping Investigations, Assault Investigations, Homicide Investigations, Criminal Defense Investigations and many more.

Nathans Investigations is dedicated to help you find the truth about any crime that has been committed. If you feel that law enforcement investigations produce little to no results, it is imperative you hire a private investigator to gather all the evidence you may need to prove your case in a court of law. Our private Investigators will interview witnesses as well as suspects to help gain an understanding of the crime and if there is any information or evidence that has not been uncovered by law enforcement during their initial investigation. Our private investigators will work with you in gathering all impartial facts about the crime. Nathans Investigations private investigators will also set up surveillance and perform records searches to gather any evidence to assist in a court of law.

Nathans Investigations private investigators are not limited by jurisdiction like law enforcement officials are. Our private investigators can and will go anywhere to seek the truth and find the evidence you need for trial. Our private investigators operate within the law to gather all available evidence. We are dedicated and much more persistent than law enforcement is able to be because of how many cases they are actively working, providing you with better results. If you find yourself in need of a dedicated team to assist you with your criminal investigation, our private investigators are ready to get you the evidence and piece of mind you deserve.

Nathans Investigations private investigators are highly trained and have access to a wide variety of tools that include multiple networks consisting of investigators, surveillance equipment, and national databases. Our private investigators experience allows them to understand the evidence you are looking for and the best practices to perform their investigations effectively. All of our private investigators adhere to laws and regulations surrounding investigations to ensure that your information is obtained in a legal manner which will aid in your court proceedings.

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