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At Nathans Investigations, we have developed a transparent pricing system where clients receive a predetermined price for the entire investigation. There are no hidden fees, combination charges, or rounding-up rates for unexpected expenses. During the initial free consultation, we determine the cost of the investigation based on our client’s specific needs and requirements. We ensure that our clients are not confronted with any unexpected fees or charges halfway through or at the conclusion of the investigation. Contact us for a free consultation today!

The cost of private investigation services can vary depending on factors such as the investigator’s experience and the location of the investigation. Pricing typically reflects the time and resources required to carry out the case effectively. Fees may also cover expenses like driving records, background checks, tolls, parking, and mileage. The price of obtaining specific information can also affect the overall cost. Quotes from private investigators often include fees, rates, prices, and all regular expenses, with an additional 5-10% allowance for unforeseen costs.

Opting for a less experienced private investigator solely based on affordability can potentially compromise the investigation and drain your financial resources. Less experienced investigators may lack the necessary expertise, resulting in a “learn on the go” approach that prolongs the investigation process. The results provided by an inexperienced investigator may not meet the required standards or be admissible in a court of law.

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