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Breach of Confidentiality Investigations

Asset Recovery InvestigationsIn the world of business, trust is paramount. However, the unfortunate reality is that dishonest individuals or employees can potentially cost you or your company a significant amount of money and reputation. While preventative measures can help reduce losses and minimize the opportunities for theft, there’s always a chance that someone might slip through the cracks. Even if you’ve taken the precaution of having individuals sign confidentiality agreements, there’s still the risk of those agreements being violated, putting you in a precarious position that may necessitate a breach of confidentiality investigation.

Confidentiality is a cornerstone of many industries and an integral part of how business is conducted. When this trust is violated, it can manifest in various ways, from abusing confidence to using improper means to gain access to trade secrets or breaching contractual agreements. Those involved in such breaches may be held liable for trade secret theft. Consequently, many individuals and businesses need a comprehensive confidentiality check to assess whether the person they are dealing with has a history of violating agreements.

Types of Confidentiality Checks

Confidentiality checks encompass a range of investigative services, including:

  • Employee Theft Investigations: Identifying and addressing internal theft and misconduct.
  • Shopper Services and Spot Checks: Assessing the integrity of retail operations and customer service.
  • Undercover Operations: Infiltrating suspicious or potentially unethical activities covertly.
  • Criminal and Drug Operations: Investigating criminal activities and drug-related issues.
  • Shortage Interviews: Examining inventory discrepancies and shortages.
  • Liaison with Law Enforcement Agencies: Collaborating with law enforcement to address criminal matters.
  • Policy Compliance Audits: Ensuring adherence to company policies and procedures.
  • Marketing and Sales Audits: Evaluating the integrity of marketing and sales practices.
  • Safety and Security Audits: Assessing safety and security protocols within an organization.
  • Covert Body Cameras: Utilizing discreet surveillance technology to gather evidence.
  • Terminations of Hostile Employees: Safely managing the termination process for problematic employees.
Classification of Confidentiality Checks

Confidentiality checks typically fall into two main categories:

  • Competitive-Advantage or Trade-Secrets: Assessing whether individuals have used improper means to gain a competitive edge, either directly or indirectly.
  • Personal Information: Investigating potential breaches involving personal information.
How Nathans Investigations Can Help

Nathans Investigations boasts a team of skilled private investigators who specialize in confidentiality checks. When faced with a potential breach, investigating it thoroughly and effectively can be challenging without the right tools, resources, and time. This is where our private investigation services become invaluable. Conducting these checks can be overwhelming and time-consuming for many corporations and individuals, potentially hindering business progress. This is precisely where a private investigator can step in to expedite the process. Our experienced professionals will visit your business, meticulously analyze the situation, conduct a comprehensive investigation, and provide you with a detailed report containing relevant information.

While some may perceive this as a burden, it can also be viewed as a necessity. Confidentiality checks ensure that your business operates as it should, in line with your policies and expectations. A private investigator can help determine whether your corporate policies are being faithfully upheld. If someone is compromising your profits or undermining your business, a private investigator can discreetly observe the situation and gather sufficient information to determine whether it’s a positive or negative influence.

In business, individuals will always be willing to take risks if they believe they can escape the consequences. These individuals may otherwise be good people or exceptional employees, but certain circumstances can alter their ethical boundaries. Such situations can have a significant financial and reputational impact on your company. Conducting checks ahead of time may reduce the likelihood of such incidents, but in some cases, a professional external perspective is necessary to assess and address the current situation effectively.

At Nathans Investigations, we understand the importance of safeguarding your business’s integrity and profitability. Our mission is to provide you with the investigative solutions needed to protect your assets and maintain the trust you’ve built with your clients and partners. If you believe your business may be at risk or have concerns about confidentiality breaches, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you navigate these challenges and secure your business’s future.

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Our agency employs specialized teams consisting of highly skilled professionals who bring valuable expertise from military, law enforcement, and risk management backgrounds. With our extensive knowledge, training, and practical experience in private investigations, we are dedicated to delivering prompt and efficient results to our clients. Working closely with you, we will identify the most appropriate services for your specific case. Our team is equipped with a wide array of unique and innovative solutions to tackle even the most challenging circumstances our clients may face.


Our rates for private investigations are designed to align with the complexity and duration of each individual case. Unlike many other agencies, we have developed a distinct system that offers our clients a pre-established price for the entire investigation. This means you won’t encounter any unexpected fees, retainers, fuel costs, tolls, or hidden charges. Our aim is to provide a cost-effective solution for even the most challenging investigations. Additionally, we do not employ any form of “rounding up” in our rates to account for unforeseen expenses. Instead, the price of an inquiry will be determined based on your specific requirements, ensuring a tailored and transparent approach.


To initiate an investigation, the first step is to engage in either a phone call or an email conversation with one of our licensed private investigators and private detectives. During this initial interaction, we will ask you a series of questions in order to assess the optimal course of action for your case. Based on the information gathered, our team will meticulously construct an investigative plan that meets your satisfaction and aligns with the unique needs of your situation. Throughout the investigation process, you will be kept informed of any relevant updates or modifications. Upon the conclusion of the investigation, we will provide you with a comprehensive written report, accompanied by any pertinent photos or video evidence that was collected during the investigation.