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Nathans Investigations is a premier private investigation agency providing professional & confidential Private Investigation and related services to private clients, attorneys, small businesses and corporations across the nation for many years. Our agency is comprised of highly educated, trained, and experienced investigators who operate through specialized units to solve the most complex investigative cases. Our investigators are continually trained to the highest degree in a wide range of private, personal and corporate investigations. Our Private Investigators are experienced former Military, Law Enforcement  & Risk Management personnel as well as active duty personnel. Our team of licensed Private Investigators & Detectives are fully dedicated to serving our clients. Our Private Investigators are known for their experience, loyalty, confidentiality, discretion, and dedication to those that entrust us with their most confidential issues. We are a full service, national private investigation agency offering everything from Surveillance, Infidelity Investigations and Child Custody Investigations to Domestic Investigations, Background Checks, Asset Investigations, Skip Trace Investigations and  Due Diligence Investigations, as well as Location services and Employment & Tenant Screening reports.


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Our agency is comprised of highly educated, trained, & experienced private investigators who operate through specialized confidential units. Our priority is to present our clients with the information they deserve & seek in an expedited fashion. We work alongside you to determine which of our services is appropriate for your case & are equipped to offer unconventional & innovative solutions for our clients most challenging cases.Read More »


Private Investigative rates generally reflect the cost and time required to work an individual case. We have built a unique system that provides our clients with a predetermined price for the entire investigation. With neither surprise fees, retainers, fuel costs or tolls; nor any hidden costs we aim to provide a cost-effective solution to our clients most demanding investigations. We do not use any form of “rounding up” in our rates for unanticipated expenses, as the price for an investigation will be determined based on your specific needs not a set agency price.Read More »


The initial step in scheduling an investigation would be either a phone call or email conversation with one of our highly- trained private investigators. We will ask you questions to determine what the best course of action is. From there, our team will custom build an investigative plan to your satisfaction and tailored to the specific requirements of your case. During the investigation you may be contacted due to updates or changes in the investigation, and upon the completion of the investigation, each of our clients receive a written, detailed report as well as any photos or video documentation captured during the investigation.Read More »

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Is your spouse cheating on you, or a loved one betraying your trust? Are you in a child custody battle?   Has anyone ever threatened or followed you, or somebody you care about? Are you in need of surveillance to keep a close eye on someone? Have you been the victim of a crime or wrongdoing, and need evidence to build your case? No matter what your specific private detection needs are, at Nathans Investigations our  private investigators are here to help. We utilize experience, knowledge, and cutting-edge forensic and analytical technology to ensure that we provide our clients with actionable results. Delivering the help, you deserve with professional & successful private investigation services that you can depend on.

Matters of infidelity are highly sensitive, and as such, they need to be handled by a Private Investigation agency that is not only experienced with surveillance and information gathering, but also well versed in domestic law and personal investigations to succeed.  Our infidelity division is comprised of private detectives who are among the nation’s most elite specialists concerning infidelity cases. We represent the highest standard in the industry for providing confidential results at affordable prices. Our private investigators can operate successfully in any socio-economic environment, regardless of where the subject may go. Our state-of-the-art technology, extensive investigative resources and regular training are what set us apart from other agencies.

We are a private investigation agency capable of overseeing any private investigation assignment, while still maintaining a personal touch and attention to detail. This has earned us a reputation as one of the top private investigation agencies in the nation. Our priority is to present our clients with the information they deserve & seek in an expedited fashion. We recognize your case is significant, as well as time sensitive. Our private investigators will work alongside you to determine which of our services are appropriate for you.

We are equipped to offer solutions to the most pressing issues, and the answers to the most pivotal questions in your life. Our vision is honor, integrity and loyalty to the community we serve. Please contact us today for a no obligation consultation with one of our national Private Investigators or our private investigators in Miami, FL, Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County or the State of Florida.

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